Develop your social media and turn up the heat on your competition

Social Media has fast become a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world. Gone are the days when it was an optional part of your online presence, it is now a must have for any effective online marketing campaign.

The ability to interact on such a detailed and intimate level with your customers needs to be central to your approach to customer retention and re-marketing, as well as building a level of trust with potential (and existing) customers that you just can't get anywhere else.

From demographic targeting to effectively engaging customers, social media offers an incredibly unique and customised approach to your online marketing.

But these days with things changing so fast, who can keep up?

At Social Edge, we live and breathe Social Media Marketing & Management. With our exclusive Partnered Management Service you can rest assured that things are not only moving in the right direction, but that you will actually understand what's happening and receive coaching in the best approach to customers in this often tricky arena.

Building brand loyalty via customer engagement

  • Pinpoint accuracy with demographic targeting, ensuring only the right people see your ads
  • Intimate ongoing interactions with your customer base
  • The ability to run exclusive competitions
  • Relationship & trust building
  • Branding


We are interacting with our customers through social media and seeing growth on Facebook that we could never have imagined.

Louise Curtis
Director, Lollypotz



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